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It's easy to overdo your sun exposure in your quest to finally spend some time outdoors… especially when your skin isn't used to the sun.

Nothing shakes your confidence more than bad breath. You caught a whiff of it at an important meeting and now you’re self-conscious. You refuse to get close to your significant other because you’re afraid of grossing her out. You don’t want to breathe on a flower for fear of making it wilt. If this is you, know that there are things you can do at a moment’s notice to reduce the pungency of your breath. But if bad breath is a frequent problem, consider how long it has been since your last trip to the dentist. Bad breath can be caused by Gingivitis, Periodontitis, foods with strong odors, gastritis (GERD), or poor brushing with left over food particles.

Bad Seed, The - Dirty UrineBad Seed, The - Dirty UrineBad Seed, The - Dirty UrineBad Seed, The - Dirty Urine