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Thanks for the kind words here, Django, it's appreciated! I also recently did a three part series on Sun Chung if you haven't seen that one yet. Quite an amazing director, I think. I've currently got partial articles going for Ho Meng Hua and Kuei Chi Hung as well.

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Now as a young man, there is one babe I can recall more than others from the 1970s. This was Caroline Munro, in the Golden Voyage of Sinbad, but technically it doesn't qualify as sci-fi so I can't include it here. Oh how I wish I could, but then I would never get this site finished if I didn't stick to the rules. No matter, because there is always At the Earth's Core (1976), where this voluptuous and leggy babe played Princess Dia. The film was truly awful, with people dressed up in rubber suits pretending to be dinosaurs (one even explodes when it falls down a chasm - now why is that?), although there is a good working model of a mechanical mole reminiscent of Thunderbirds fame. I digress - take a look at this publicity still from the film...

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Princess Dragon-Mom - 4 Track Tapes 1993 - 1997Princess Dragon-Mom - 4 Track Tapes 1993 - 1997Princess Dragon-Mom - 4 Track Tapes 1993 - 1997Princess Dragon-Mom - 4 Track Tapes 1993 - 1997